The Planning Division is made up of two sections, long-range and current planning. Principal Planner Dan Catron manages the current planning section, while the long-range planning section reports directly to Community Development Director Dave Bugher.

Current Planning

The Current Planning Section processes land development applications in conformance with the City's comprehensive plan and other city, state, and federal regulations.

Services provided include:

  • Processing land-use permits such as subdivisions, short plats, conditional and administrative use permits, tenant improvements, etc.  Staff ensures compliance with the conditions of discretionary permits and environmental review, which is sometimes involved.
  • Review and issuance of business licenses and related appeals.
  • Environmental review, shoreline permits, and tree removal permits on private property.

Long Range Planning

The Long-Range Planning Section administers long-range planning within Lakewood, including the comprehensive plan and subarea plans throughout the city.

Long-range planning services include:

  • Creating and maintaining long-range plans and regulations to carry out those plans for both the entire city and smaller portions such as individual neighborhoods.
  • Policy studies and research.
  • Tracking and analysis of relevant pending legislation and case law.
  • Coordination with other agencies such as Clover Park School District, Pierce County, the military, state agencies, etc.
  • Census/demographic/population information.
  • Public information and outreach.
  • Annexations.