Community Safety Resource Team (CSRT)

The City of Lakewood has long been active in its progressive neighborhood policing and busy code enforcement programs. In early 2010, the City launched a pioneering proposal to merge these programs to form the Community Safety Resource Team (CSRT). Within the CSRT, code enforcement officers and community service officers work together to tackle not only full-blown neighborhood problems, but the root conditions that contribute to them. Many of the ordinances and policies adopted by the City Council are enforced through the CSRT. This enforcement is often challenging and delicate, and requires coordination and cooperation from other City departments and external agencies.

The CSRT is designed to solve problems unique to each of the six neighborhood districts in Lakewood. Under the leadership of a police lieutenant, the CSRT maintains a strong connection with the Police Department as well as other City departments, which fosters better coordination and cooperation. A legal team consisting of an attorney and a paralegal are also part of the CSRT to streamline the abatement process and provide legal advice and support.

The CSRT’s work supports several of the City Council's top priorities – encouraging redevelopment in long-neglected parts of the city, increasing public safety, and enhancing outreach to neighborhoods. Interested citizens can get involved by contacting their community service officer or by attending neighborhood association meetings. You can find all essential information on the community page .

Mission and Goal

The CSRT’s mission is to promote safety, growth and development of the Lakewood community through customer service, problem-solving, and facilitating access to community and government resources. By partnering with the community, the CSRT will identify problems and issues and, based on resources and priorities, reach a reasonable and timely solution.

Code Enforcement

Previously part of the Community Development Department, Lakewood’s code enforcement officers enforce laws that promote the health, safety, and appearance of existing buildings and neighborhoods. If you have a complaint you would like to make, contact your district’s code enforcement officer in your district , come to City Hall and fill out a complaint form, or fill out our online complaint form . Complaints received from citizens, staff, and other agencies are investigated. Code enforcement may also initiate investigations and enforcement in order to implement City enforcement priorities.

Typical complaints handled by Code Enforcement include:

  • Nuisances affecting public health
  • Unpermitted and prohibited signs
  • Unlicensed businesses
  • Unpermitted land uses
  • Illegal auto activity, including illegal vehicle service and repair
  • Dilapidated fences
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Abandoned refrigerators and appliances
  • Graffiti
  • Accumulations of trash, junk and discarded waste material on residential and commercial properties
  • Dilapidated buildings, structures, and properties
  • Uncontrolled vegetation
  • Unpermitted yard sales
  • Illegal businesses operating in residences
  • Unpermitted mobile food trucks
  • Outdoor storage of unlicensed and apparently inoperative vehicles on private property
  • Parking of commercial vehicles on private property in residential zones
  • Improperly stored recreational vehicles
  • Illegal occupancy of a recreational vehicle

Please keep in mind that some complaints may be handled by other City departments, the health department, or state agencies. Following are some common examples: