Community Development

The Community Development Department guides the physical development of the city, supports community values, protects the environment, promotes the wise use of resources, and protects public health and safety. Our mission is to serve the public in a positive and courteous manner and ensure that the City of Lakewood is a healthy, safe, attractive, and enjoyable place to live, work, and visit. Our staff provides quality service when you need it. We will:

  • Listen and understand your viewpoint.
  • Give clear, accurate and prompt answers to your questions.
  • Explain applicable development regulations in plain language.
  • Work to find solutions to achieve your project goals while complying with the City's standards.
  • Help resolve problems in an open and objective manner.
  • Maintain high ethical standards.
  • Continually strive to improve our service.

Using these quick links, you can access any of the different work groups and programs within the Community Development Department: