Redevelopment Advisory Board


Ordinance No. 200 - 04/05/99


The Redevelopment Advisory Board shall assist and advise the City Council on issues and programs involving commercial business development and retention; facilitate cooperation and coordination between various business groups and impacted neighborhoods on business issues; facilitate the formation of specific neighborhood commercial business groups to assist in the enhancement of various existing commercial areas, aid in stabilizing and retaining commercial enterprises within these areas to maintain viability as a commercial area, and help in identifying specific needs of businesses within various commercial areas; make recommendations to the City Council and to City staff for programs in which the City could or should participate to enhance commercial development opportunities in the City, which programs may be in cooperation with any appropriate private, public, civic or community agency, group or association of or in the City, county, state or federal government; recommend ways and means of obtaining private, local, county, state or federal funds and other participation for the promotion of business development projects within the City, especially those of an incubator type; work with City of Lakewood staff, City Council committees, task forces and other City/community based groups, as directed by the City Council, on relevant issues and projects; and assist in data base development for the creation and maintenance of a community profile.




Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

Terms of office

Three (3) members shall be initially appointed for three (3) year terms; two (2) members shall be initially appointed for two (2) year terms; and two (2) members shall be initially appointed for one (1) year term.

For further information

Contact Economic Development at (253) 589-2489.

Agendas and Minutes

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