Landmarks And Heritage Advisory Board


Ordinance No. 251, Adopted December 4, 2000


The role of the Landmarks and Heritage Advisory Board is to:

Advise the City Council, the City Manager and City staff in connection with protection and preservation of historical landmarks in Lakewood and establishing procedures for designation and preservation of landmarks. This includes:

  1. Holding public hearings on nominations for designation and applications for certificates of appropriateness.
  2. Authorizing, subject to the availability of funds budgeted for that purpose and approval of the expenditure by the City Council, to expend monies to compensate experts to provide technical assistance to property owners in connection with requests for certificates of appropriateness.
  3. Approving, denying, amending or terminating the designation of a historic resource as a landmark or community landmark after a public hearing.


Three members shall be professionals who have experience in identification, evaluation and protection of historic resources and have a background among the fields of history, architecture, architectural history, historic preservation, planning, cultural anthropology, archaeology, cultural geography, landscape architecture, American studies, law or other historic preservation-related disciplines. All other members shall have a demonstrated interest in historic preservation.




Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

Terms of Office

Three (3) members shall be initially appointed for three (3) year terms; two (2) members shall be initially appointed for two (2) year terms; and two (2) members shall be initially appointed for one (1) year term. Appointments shall be effective on January 1 of each year. Members may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms.


Applications are available at City Hall.

For further information

Contact Community Development at (253) 589-2489