Community Covenant

The Community Covenant program is designed to foster and sustain effective state and community partnerships with the military to improve the quality of life for Servicemembers and their Families, both at their current duty stations and as they transfer to other states. It is a formal commitment of support by state and local communities to Servicemembers and Families of the Military - Active, Guard and Reserve.

While Community Covenant began as an Army program, it has recently been extended to the other Military Services as well, recognizing that many community efforts support all Servicemembers and their Families regardless of the uniform they wear.

On June 24, 2011 the City of Lakewood along with other State and local officials renewed their commitment of support to members of the Military and their families at Joint-Base Lewis-McChord.

2011 Military Community Covenant

Supporting Those Who Serve

Together, We are committed to building strong communities.

We, the Community, recognize...

... The commitment Service Members and their Families are making every day.
... The strength of Service Members comes from the strength of their Families.
... The strength of Families is supported by the strength of the Community.
... The strength of the Community comes from the support of Employers, Educators, Civic & Business Leaders and its Citizens.

We, the Community, are committed to...

... Building partnerships that support the strength, resilience and readiness of Service Members of their Families.
... Assisting in the implementation of the Family Covenant.

The South Sound Military and Communities Partnership embodies the promise of the Community Covenant through its mission to foster effective communication, understanding, and mutual support by serving as the primary point of coordination for resolution of those issues which transcend the specific interests of the military and civilian communities of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord region. Learn more about The South Sound Military and Communities Partnership .