Emergency Information

Dial 9-1-1 for all emergency services, medical aid and crimes in progress.

Dial non-emergency number (253) 798-4721 for non-emergency crime or incidents.

Information about local road conditions during adverse weather.

For information about local road conditions or to report road conditions, please call (253)267-1628.


Are you and your family prepared for a disaster? Recent events have caused us all to look more closely at how well we are prepared to handle an emergency or disaster. Emergency Management experts tell us we all need to be prepared to be on our own for the first 72 hours after a disaster, The City of Lakewood suggests that you plan to be on your own for up to seven days. You shouldn't expect to receive assistance from government agencies during the first week, because during that time officials are working to address the most serious and life threatening incidents and it is unlikely they will be able to provide much assistance in individual neighborhoods.
So what can you do to be prepared for the worst?

Emergency Preparedness at Home and at Work

Get involved through Pierce County Neighborhood Emergency Teams (PC-Net)

Emergency Shelter Volunteer Recruitment

Other Resources

Other Useful Numbers

  • Pierce County Public Works
    (253) 581-6990
  • West Pierce Fire & Rescue
    (253) 582-4600

City of Lakewood

  • Public Works
    (253) 732-8003
  • Traffic Signals
    (253) 377-8667
  • Storm Debris
    (253) 377-6759

Public Utilities

  • Lakeview Light & Power
    (253) 584-6060
  • Puget Sound Energy
    (888) 225-5733
  • Lakewood Water District
    (253) 588-4423
  • Centurylink Communications
    (253) 597-6113
  • Comcast Cable
    (253) 864-4293